Mawayia, Uparhar, Behind Omaxe Ananda, Naini, Prayagraj
Republic Day Celebrations at Aryakulam School
On 26th January the tricolour flag was hoisted by the mentor and guide of the Vidyalaya Dr.Dilip Chaurasia.
Director Dr. Vidula Dilip Chaurasia in her message to the students highlighted the need of good deeds to be done by each student.
She said that "Charity starts at home."
 Good deed for the nation starts with helping the family members at home as family is the smallest unit of the society.
Dr. Dilip Chaurasia emphasised the importance of reading in the life of students for  reinforcement of the subject matter.
He also suggested the teachers the strategy of working upon the previous knowledge of the students before starting a class.
Students and hard work should be synonymous with each other as hard work is the basis for all big things to come.
The programme ended with the distribution of sweets.