Mawayia, Uparhar, Behind Omaxe Ananda, Naini, Prayagraj

Our Infrastructure

About Us Education infrastructure includes suitable spaces to learn. This is one of the most basic elements necessary to ensure access to education. Aryakulam’s classrooms are the most common place in which structured learning takes place with groups of children. While learning also takes place in a variety of different types of spaces - tents, temporary shelters, plastic sheeting, shade of trees, places of worship, people’s homes, and so on—families and communities expect formal education to take place in classrooms that have been designed for safety and comfort.

A school is actually a home away from home for any student. During student life most of the waking hours of any student are spent at school, learning anything and everything in various dimensions from books, teachers, peers and even school environs.

School buildings, classrooms, playgrounds and libraries are the most important aspect of school infrastructure. Spacious and refurbished buildings and well- ventilated classrooms are a must in schools. Properly planned school infrastructure is an out-and-out key factor in effective teaching and learning.

Infrastructure of ARYAKULAM SCHOOL comprises of following:

  • Spacious and well- ventilated classrooms
  • Libraries
  • Playgrounds
  • Well-equipped labs
  • Facilities study tables, chairs, furniture and basic utilities such as water, electricity etc.
  • Study halls
  • Games equipment
  • Assembly area
  • Well-maintained sanitation facilities