Mawayia, Uparhar, Behind Omaxe Ananda, Naini, Prayagraj


Attendance Rules
  • Students are expected to return to school after the holidays on the re-opening day itself.
  • Students not returning punctually to school after the holidays are liable to have their name struck off the roll.
  • If a student has contagious disease, the principal should be informed as soon as possible and the student must not be sent to school until all risk of carrying the infection is over.
  • Students who are absent for less than a week from school must bring a written justification in the Absence Record in the Handbook.
  • Attendance at official school functions like Sports Day, Annual Day, Independence Day and Republic Day, is compulsory. Absentees may be penalized.

If an alert is announced, staff and students should remain calm and quiet in the nearest classroom and await instuctions as to how to proceed.

  • Fire and Emergency Drills:  All emergency announcement must be taken seriously. During an emergency, students and staff must walk quickly to designated assembly areas and follow directions of staff.
  • Lockdown:  Lockdown announcements are alerts which indicate there is imminent danger in or outside the school. An immediate lockdown requires that all classrooms are locked, lights are turned off, and silence is established until the emergency is cleared.
  • Evacuation:  Aryakulam staff and students practice an evacuations procedure in the event it becomes necessary to evacuate everyone from the building to another location.

Often, students are required to come to school before school hours or stay back after school for practices – be it in sports or extra – curricular activities. Students who take part in the activities or teachers who call students for the same, need to follow the procedure.

  • The Teacher(s)-in-charge will inform the students in advance (at least prior 24 hours) if a student is required to stay back or come early for any extracurricular activity practice. An official note in the handbook will be sent to the parent/guardian by the incharge.
  • The note will require the signature of the parent / guardian.
  • The in-charge will fill up the register with all details maintained at the reception (timings, date, venue of practice).