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Safety Rules

Security Safety Rulse

In Aryakulam school safety and security starts at the top relies on every member of the school team making sure that risk is managed responsibly. We have created a safe environment, giving pupils an appreciation of risk and how to deal with it. We do what is reasonably practical. At the same time, we expect the same support and co-operation from every parent to put safety and security on the highest alert, all the time.

Parents must carry the Entry Pass at all times when on the school premises. The Authorisation card for pick up (other than parent) must be carried by the person delegated.

In the event of unforeseen closure of school we have:

(a) Display at Gate No.2

(b) SMS alert to parent's phone

For non-routine dispersal from school; the following must be adhered to for safety and smooth evacuation:-

  • Parents must carry the Entry Pass.
  • Sign in the class list in the respective classroom before picking up their ward.
  • Exit from gate number 2 only.


Our discipline policy is based on guidelines established by Aryakulam school. Staff will endeavour to deal with discipline problems in an objective, professional manner, treating each child with respect and considering each student's individual needs.

It is our expectations that student consistently demonstrate their commitment to the school's expectation for citizenship, character and personal development in order to create a learning community where all members feel valued, respected and safe. We believe that all our learners are inherently capable, well-meaning, and responsible, but at times may act rashly or illogically.

If I interfere with the rights of others, disciplinary procedures can be initiated against me. The staff member who first encounters such an incident initiates the due process to dissolve the situation. The incident will be formally documented and parents/guardians may be contacted.

I shall stay away from ongoing, recurring and escalating difficulties (i.e. disrespectful treatment of others, abusive language, threats, physical aggression, vandalism, defiance of authority, repeated harassment). If involved in any of the above, the incident will be referred to the administration. Parents will be contacted. Staff will formally document the incident.

For serious concerns and offences, teachers, students and parents will be asked to formulate a plan of action with administration. Serious misconduct may result in loss of privileges, time out and/or removal from class, an in-school or home suspension and/or removal from school.

All matters of discipline, including recommended consequences, will be dealt with in a confidential manner. Each incident will be documented and treated on its own merit.

School Expectations Include:

  • Be punctual and arrive at school and class on time
  • Be prepared, organized, and ready to work in class
  • Care for and support each other and our community
  • Take ownership and responsibility for learning
  • Respect school and private property
  • Respect rights of others to learn
  • Demonstrate respect, responsible behaviour and overall good character even when using digital technology and/or engaging in online activities
  • I will accept responsibility for my own actions and their resulting consequences

Student Name : _________________________________________
Student Signature: ________________________________
Teacher concerned: _____________________________________
Supervisor/Principal Signature : _________________________
Parent Signature : _______________________________________
Date : _________________________

By applying logical, natural and consistent consequences for actions, and by providing students with opportunities to become responsible and caring members of our learning community, we believe our students will learn that the choices they make impact how they live in community with others.

Students in all sections use the school-issued handbook/planner to help them organize their time, keep track of their assignments, and improve study skills. The handbook/planner also enables parent/guardians to follow on a day-by-day basis what students are doing in each classes. A school calendar detailing all the days our school is posted on our website at